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At Gordian Project, our mission is to be a global online sales organization with a highly motivated team determined to exceed customer expectations, continue to improve quality, and deploy technology to ensure exceptional growth and profits.

The name Gordian Project comes from the idiom to "cut the Gordian knot". To "cut the Gordian knot" is to solve a difficult problem in a strong, simple and effective way, or to get to the heart of a problem. In this fashion, the Gordian Project translates to who we are, as a company. We have an insatiable desire to get to the heart of the problem, to continuously, diligently, efficiently and aggressively tackle numerous projects. Ingrained in this philosophy, is an unquenchable desire to recognize, appreciate and capitalize on opportunity.

With close to a decade of being in business we have gone from one site to three and are growing our business with the goal of connecting customers with the products that they want while providing an exceptional shopping experience. Whether it is for outdoor products or and for home improvement, Gordian Project is dedicated to the ideal that customers want a better online experience and our goal is to provide it. Check out our sites below and connect with us via your favorite social network.

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